“You Can’t Touch This Service” Excellence Program

This one-of-a-kind program on Service Excellence; this program promises solid content and time tested solutions (i.e. no gimmicks) to help you generate more business and retain more of your current customer base. No matter what size your business, the industry or market you are serving you have to know how to serve your customers. Exceptional customer service will be your single most important tool in growing your business and sustaining any economic situation.

Attendees will walk away from this program with practical tools that they can USE IMMEDIATELY!

Ken will cover the following:

  • Six Principles to Service Excellence
  • Learn how to relay your service excellence plan to your entire team
    and get their “buy in”
  • Never have an unhappy customer again
  • Increase your Customer Service Scores
  • Keep people using your service & walking through your doors
  • Learn the secrets that your competitors don’t know

You Can’t Touch This Service Excellence Program

ONLY $2,000


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