Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

He who does not climb the mountain cannot see the view. – Chinese Proverb

The opportunity to succeed and achieve great things is always present. Opportunity is an equal possibility employer. Its presence is not based on race, religion, or social status. Opportunities are available to everyone. However, because it is often disguised as an obstacle and dressed in work clothes, most people wind up avoiding it. You see most people see obstacles as a hindrance that prevents them from completing their goals or living their dreams. When they’re really your opportunity to dig deep and take your life to the next level. “The superbly successful people have already realized this and are consistently elevating their lives because of it. Reaping the rewards of success and overcoming obstacles requires “thinking outside of the box”. What that really means is adopting a creative way of thinking.

The human spirit thrives, and is enhanced when faced with obstacles when we play our part. The history books are filled with the names and faces of those individuals who took difficult situations or obstacles and transformed them into something magnificent. How does one turn obstacles into opportunities you ask? For starters you must change the way you view obstacles. It is imperative that you see them as a project instead of a problem. Then take a deep breath and relax and know that there is a solution, you just have to find it. Dismiss conventional thinking and negativity and put forth all of your positive energy, mind power, creativity and resources you have at your disposal until you accomplish your desired result.

Quite frankly, those who accept the challenge and are willing to put the work in will be the recipients of the rewards. That could mean getting that promotion and raise or maintaining a career that goes absolutely nowhere. It could mean taking your business to a whole new level of success or watching the competition surpass you. The bottom line is your life is not shaped by the events in your life, but the decisions you make about those events. One of the biggest differences between you and the truly successful people is that they have mastered this concept. They have gained the power to step up to life’s challenges and overcome. Becoming conscious of the decisions you make day-to-day, and consciously and carefully choosing your responses or reactions to those circumstances will give you that same power.

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